Here you can find a sample of my successful Software Works:

MANET-Lab WebApp

The existing experimentation possibilities in the mobile ad hoc network field are very limited nowadays. The researchers still have to defeat many open issues and test them in depth, before taking MANET to real-life scenarios.

This is the main reason why it is necessary to design a realistic experimentation setting, which enables new researching capabilities for this technology. MANET-Lab offers a laboratory interface, so that provides an enabling simulation environment for MANET.

#NoMePlagies WebApp + Java + TwitterAPI

Plagiarism is currently limiting the creativity of the users on Twitter and other social medias. My friend Pedro and me realized about this problem and we decided to launch this prototype as a free tool.

This app checks easily if your tweets are being copied: when, how and by who. The search engine explores all the tweets published through the Twitter API, and our "plagialgorythm" decides whether a tweet has been copied without authorization.

ValiSEND WebApp + Django/MySQL

In today's digital era, technology breaks out in all facets of our lives. Organizations evolve by leveraging technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Certification and signature of documents Is one of the processes that the most effort supposes for the companies, as much economic, as in consumption of time. Forware's ValiSend technology enables secure signature and submission of documents via email.

AntiLeak Suite WebApp and C++/MySQL

AntiLeak Suite is a IRM/DLP Software which allows, in the context of a company, to create, share and manage documents in a safe and simple way. In addition, the risk of leakage or theft will be minimized and the cost of technological implementation will be controlled.

My participation in this Project consisted in the implementation of a web-based module which enables the management of roles and privileges by any information owner.

Newsletter Manager WebApp + PHP/MySQL

This WebApp was created on demand. It is able to register users from the main web of the company; it also enables the creation and management for the sending of regular newsletter. Since 2015 it was powered with a WYSIWYG Editor of HTML Templates.

GLP-Gest WebApp + PHP/MySQL

This WebApp was created on demand as part of the Intranet of a Gas company. It allows easily the management of customers and their policies.

BBits Wordpress

This is a growing Spanish-speaking community of professional bloggers who are interested on Computer Science, Telecommunications and Electronics, not only in merely technical or Engineering terms, but also from the Economic and Human points of view. We share our knowledge, ideas and experiences to support people and companies. This is our particular way of leaving this world a better place than we found it.

Hitagas Website + Prestashop

Hitagas is a corporate website from a gas company. It uses responsive design for mobile devices through the Bootstrap framework. An independent E-commerce module based on Prestashop has been likewise customized and deployed.

Grupo Vico Website (Symfony2)

GrupoVico is a corporate website from a maintenance company. It uses responsive design for mobile devices through the Bootstrap framework. It has been connected through the RSS API with a corporate blog created with Blogspot, and also with the Newsletter Manager developed as an independent project.

Forware Website

This is another corporate website from a DLP/IRM software company.

Hermanos Jimenez Navarro Website

This is a simple corporate website of a painting company created on demand. It is based on jQuery and Bootstrap.